Multi-play Saturday's

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Multi-play Saturday's

Post by Chew-Admin on Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:37 pm

You want it, you know you do!

J33P and I have been talking and feel that Multi-play Saturday's should be a regular event. The current format we have been chatting about is each week we'd vote for the game to play the following weekend. The vote would close on the Friday of week 1 and the game would be loaded onto the server for the Saturday of week 2 and members would then register that they wanted to join the game - Subs special benefit; All Subs of J33P automatically get a place in the multi-play game each week. - General members will join the que, and if there is a limited number of slots general members may not get to join us.

If you're interested in joining in this week we will be ... 7 Day's To Die - (100% vanilla) No mods.

Streaming and/or recording for broadcast later will be by agreement with J33P BEFORE recording/Streaming begins. J33P; in his capacity of Community founder reserves the right to grant/deny streaming/recording rights.

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